BlueSquare™ Revenue Assurance Suite

Baysquare Technologies has developed a comprehensive Revenue Assurance Solution – BlueSquare™ RA Suite – which addresses the entire revenue chain. The RA solution encompasses the Process, Technology and the Operations of the wireless operators' environment. The solution aims at identifying the gaps in the processes, and uses BlueSquare™ to identify the leakages in the revenue chain and upon analysis help the operations team fix those leakage areas. The endeavor for the solution is to deploy a parallel mechanism to the operators' existing environment and probe at different points of failures for the reconciliation purpose.

The highlights of BlueSquare™ RA Suite are:
1.Continuous monitoring of the system to produce accurate results in absolute revenue terms.
2.Perform in-depth trend analysis (historic data processing) of all the data captured for the Operations, Marketing and Finance teams.
3. 100% XDRs (not sample data) and records are processed and analysed in order to produce tangible results allowing senior management to make more informed and better decisions.


BlueSquare™ RA Suite Summary:
1.Executive Dash Board with Quantitative results in Graphical formats
2.Reconciliation for the end-to-end revenue chain
3.Continuous improvement through ongoing RA refinement
4. In-depth Trend Analysis with live Data and Historic data with Green-Yellow-Red bands for faster decision making
5.100% XDRs processing
6. Intelligent Business Rules Engine for Smart Analytics
7.Automated Leakage Fixes

Multi Outlet Management Tool

As most operators would endorse, scaling up to multiple outlets brings with it a significant set of challenges for the operators. Baysquare Technologies' BlueSquare Multi Outlet Management Tool solution addresses all of the top issues and concerns associated with scaling up to multiple outlets thus adding significant value to the bottom line as well as business intelligence that allow executives to make better and faster decisions. Here is a set of key features that make up BlueSquare Multi Outlet Management Tool a powerful tool:

  1. Warehousing and Analysis solution
  2. Customizations & integration software
  3. Currency Conversion
  4. Routing
  5. Extraction
  6. Reporting

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