BlueSquare™ Revenue Assurance Suite

Baysquare Technologies has developed a comprehensive Revenue Assurance Solution – BlueSquare™ RA Suite – which addresses the entire revenue chain. The RA solution encompasses the Process, Technology and the Operations of the advertiser-publisher environment. The solution aims at identifying the gaps in the processes, and uses BlueSquare™ to identify the leakages in the revenue chain and upon analysis help the publishers team fix those leakage areas. The endeavor for the solution is to deploy a parallel mechanism to the publishers existing environment and probe at different points of failures for the reconciliation purpose.

The highlights of BlueSquare™ RA Suite are:
1. Continuous monitoring of the system to produce accurate results in absolute revenue terms
2. Perform in-depth trend analysis (historic data processing) of all the data captured for the Operations, Marketing and Finance teams.
3. 100% XDRs (not sample data) and records are processed and analysed in order to produce tangible results allowing senior management to make more informed and better decisions.


BlueSquare™ RA Suite Summary:
1. Executive Dash Board with Quantitative results in Graphical formats
2. Reconciliation for the end-to-end revenue chain
3. Continuous improvement through ongoing RA refinement
4. In-depth Trend Analysis with live Data and Historic data with Green-Yellow-Red bands for faster decision making
5. 100% XDRs processing
6. Intelligent Business Rules Engine for Smart Analytics
7. Automated Leakage Fixes
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